Meridian Partners

Services & Accomplishments

Below are the services we provide:

  • Official Plan preparation (policy and mapping);
  • Zoning By-law preparation (regulation and mapping);
  • Secondary Plan preparation;
  • Agricultural, rural, mineral aggregate and natural heritage policy reviews;
  • Employment, commercial and residential development policy reviews;
  • Development review for municipalities;
  • Planning justification studies in support of private applications;
  • Peer review of applications and LPAT appeals;
  • Growth management studies;
  • Intensification capacity analyses;
  • Intensification strategies for municipalities or parts of them;
  • Highest and best use analyses for expropriation processes;
  • Forensic planning involving the determination of what development permissions existed at a point in time; and,
  • Provision of expert opinion evidence.

At Meridian Planning Consultants, we are focussed on results. In this regard, our 2018 accomplishments listed below speak for themselves. In 2018, we:

  1. Completed a final version of a new District of Muskoka Official Plan that was adopted in June 2018 and is now with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval;
  2. Completed a new Zoning By-law for the Town of Arnprior, to implement a new Official Plan we prepared for the Town in 2017;
  3. Completed the Vision Georgetown Secondary Plan for a 408 hectare block of land adjacent to the Georgetown Urban Area (Halton Hills), with the process being the culmination of a considerable amount of work beginning in 2013;
  4. Completed a detailed Planning Analysis along with a Planning Opinion for the Region of Peel on whether the shale protection policies that apply in Northwest Brampton should continue to apply going forward or whether the lands should be released for urban development;
  5. Completed a Planning Justification Report for the Town of Caledon that reviewed all of the work completed in support of the Mayfield West Stage II Phase II Settlement Area Expansion for consideration by the Region of Peel as part of their Municipal Comprehensive Review;
  6. Completed reviews of a variety of planning applications for the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville that resulted in the draft approval of three subdivisions with a total of over 2,000 lots and the adoption of Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments for projects including two long-term care type facilities, a 75 unit condominium townhouse development and a 150,000 square foot retail plaza;
  7. Continued to provide planning services to the County of Lennox & Addington as the upper-tier planning authority responsible for certain planning approvals and the approval of lower-tier Official Plans;
  8. Attended and provided advice to a range of stakeholders for the City of Hamilton for consideration in the preparation of an updated Zoning By-law;
  9. Assisted the Town of Blue Mountains with the finalization of their new Zoning By-law;
  10. Assisted the Region of Halton with the preparation of a peer review of a proposal to establish a gas station in a prime agricultural area; and,
  11. Reviewed two applications that were the subject of non-decision appeals for the City of Hamilton to determine what position the City should take in upcoming LPAT hearings.

In addition to the above, work continues on the selected projects below with this work continuing into 2019 and in some cases, beyond. These projects are below:

  1. Markham Zoning By-law - Meridian was retained in 2015 to prepare a new Comprehensive Zoning By-law for the City of Markham. The project is expected to be completed in 2019.
  2. City of Cambridge Zoning By-law - Meridian was retained in 2013 to complete a new Zoning By-law for the City of Cambridge. It is anticipated that the final version of the by-law will be recommended for Council adoption in early 2019.
  3. Town of Halton Hills Review of Cannabis Policy and Zoning Options - Meridian was retained in 2018 to provide advice on how various types of cannabis-related land uses should be dealt with from a policy and regulatory perspective.
  4. City of Cambridge Supervised Consumption Site Policy Review - Meridian was retained in 2018 to provide advice on how to potentialy regulate these types of uses in an ever-changing Federal and Provincial regulatory environment.
  5. Region of Halton Agricultural and Rural Policy Review - Meridian was retained in 2018 by the Region of Halton to prepare an updated policy framework for the rural and agricultural area in accordance with the Growth Plan and Provincial Policy Statement.
  6. Region of Niagara Natural Heritage Policy Review - Meridian was retained in 2018 as part of the consulting team responsible for updating the Natural Heritage System policy framework for the Region of Niagara.
  7. County of Northumberland Natural Heritage Policy Review - Meridian was retained in 2018 as part of the consulting team responsible for updating the Natural Heritage System policy framework for the County.
  8. LPAT Appeals - Meridian will continue providing advice on a number of appeals that are moving through the process to LPAT hearings in 2019. These include a quarry application in the Township of Eramosa (for the Region of Halton and Town of Halton Hills), a proposed subdivision in Listowel (for a neighbouring landowner), a proposed six-storey building in Ottawa (for a neighbouring landowner) and for a proposed 5 storey building in Stoney Creek (for the City of Hamilton).

The above is only a sample of the many projects that are on-going.